Frontline insights for bottomline results

Data Discovery Tool

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  • Make informed decisions
    Real-time reporting puts the most recent and most relevant data at your fingertips
  • Inspire insights from all staff
    Empower the non technical user to create reports with mere clicks of a button.
  • Maintain optimal database performance
    Navigate through archived and live databases without interruption of the system 

How can a little play go a long way?

Breakthroughs come from exploring hunches until they are proven. The seasoned professional may develop a reliable gut feeling. Young recruits may bring compelling new perspectives. But it’s hard to build strategy on your team’s instincts. What sets leading organizations apart from the rest is their capacity to turn instincts into insights. This requires two things: data to explore, and tools to explore with. The Data Discovery Tool lets your team test their instincts by giving access to data, allowing mixing and matching of variables, while never feeling like technology is in the way.


” …Qwantech took the time to understand our systems needs and provided a solution beyond our expectations.  They continue to maintain the same standard of customer service to this day.”

- Bob Shine, Hydro One’s Environment Health and Safety Program Management Coordinator

…Qwantech found a way to not only access our existing data structure, they captured dark data and integrated it into the decision process.

- Don Edwards Director of Communications, Thunder Bay Hospital