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Data Integration

Our data integration services allow you to funnel key data from various departments into a custom database for superior cross-department data analysis

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  • Maintain the integrity of your existing systems
    Qwantech technology runs in parallel to your existing systems, enhancing data collection without interruptions
  • Value Added
    Add value to the investments made into your existing systems
  • Future-proof your data
    Qwantech data integration works with the oldest and newest database systems, keeping your organization responsive to new technology

How do you loosen constraints on potential?

Whether large or small, what matters is being nimble. To settle for a single database system is a game of compromise—removing the ability of individual departments to use database innovations for their speciality. Qwantech data integration reduces technology constraints on departments, while extracting greater value from existing data. Departments upload data most relevant to the whole, while empowered to choose software that improves their performance on the ground.


…Qwantech found a way to not only access our existing data structure, they captured dark data and integrated it into our decision process

- Don Edwards  Director of Communications, Thunder Bay Hospital