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KPI Meeting Tool

Our KPI Meeting Tool is a computer-based, interactive interface that distils, compares and charts realtime KPIs in ways that immediately inspire ideas for honing strategy and taking action.
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  • Focus Team efforts
    Efficient KPI meetings focus management from all levels on shared goals
  • Inspire innovation
    Meaningful data analysis elicits creative solutions for enhancing performance
  • Motivate for success
    An intelligible picture of your organization’s health inspires team members to strive for continual improvement

What does a good day look like?

A good day comes to most of us as a feeling. We know it when we have one. But it feels hard to pin down. So, we slip into the fallacy that a “good day” should be enjoyed while it lasts, and settle for haphazard efforts to recreate some of its features. The KPI Meeting Tool details the conditions of a good day for your business, and creates a visual representation that brings this to life for your team. Once your team knows what a good day looks like, they can build strategies to recreate it time and again.

Raised the bar for meeting management…

- J R De Vries Manager of Operational Excellence, Musselwhite Mine

Has taken us from talking about KPI’s to implementing them effectively…

- Mike Rupe Manager of Operational Excellence, Marigold Mine

QDMS [Qwantech Data Management System] plays a vital role in reaching our targets of not only production, but safety as well…

- Nuri Hmidi Mill Superintendent, Gold Corp