Frontline insights for bottomline results

Mobile Data Tools

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  • Give your business an edge
    Digital data collection at the point of context creates exceptionally accurate databases to guide superior operations
  • Increase safety on the frontline
    A mobile system doubles as an onsite safety resource, providing refreshers on demand and decreasing accidents from improvising under pressured
  • Access data anytime, anywhere
    Best-in-class technology means complete versatility: online/offline, auto-sync, multiplatform, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8

Is any industry exempt from the expectations of global culture?

Vulnerability is bred from positioning yourself as the exception. The world is mobile. Realtime is the new time. There is no longer the luxury of deemphasizing mobile technology. From productivity to safety, an organization’s performance is judged by whether it used all in its power to do its best. Each business has different mobile needs. The job of Qwantech is to analyse those needs and to equip you with the best available mobile solutions.


We need a robust, industry grade, mobile interface for our existing system.  That is what we got!

- Jon Faccas Ceo, Optim Engineering

On the cutting edge of Machine to Machine technology; the best tool available for my needs.

- Gordon Gravelle,  CEO of Code Pro