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Our Team

Greg Hill


Greg has a passion for satisfying customers’ needs with cutting edge technology. A graduate of Queen’s University (Honours B Sc.), Greg first explored his passion at Wardrop Engineering, where he designed numerous enterprise systems, including real-time control systems for trains and transit systems. Later with Aeroquest, he designed navigation systems for helicopters involved in geological surveying. Most recently, Greg created mobility and digital television products for Tbaytel, a regional communications company. Greg is the driving force behind the development of Qwantech’s proprietary technologies.

Mark Bourgeault

Lead Architech

Mark has experience as a Software Engineering manager at Altera, a worldwide leader in innovative custom logic solutions. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Toronto. Mark participated in a successful software company called Right Track CAD, which was acquired by Altera in 2000. Mark has over 10 years of industry experience working on Quartus II – Altera’s multi-million line software product that compiles and optimizes hardware languages into programmable logic devices. Mark is the author of four US patents on software algorithms and techniques. As well, Mark has developed and delivered training material to over 50 engineers on software design techniques.

Ken Horton

Project Manager

Ken is a founding member of Qwantech. A graduate of the Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst program at Confederation College, Ken is currently working on accreditation from Stanford University in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He has excelled in the public sector for 13 years as a network administrator and in house developer, producing software and system solutions emphasizing business functionality. At Qwantech Ken manages projects and the business focused systems analysis.

Kris Scott

Senior Developer

Kris has over 5 years of professional experience in the technology industry, backed by a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as an applied degree and diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology.  Kris has worked on projects from nearly all branches of the tech field, from embedded hardware systems, modern web-based interfaces, and everything in between.

Craig Dykstra


Craig Dykstra is a Software Developer with experience in both designing and developing software using many different technologies, with a focus on mobile and web.  He has a passion for creating easily usable software products with high functionality, but also beautiful and simple user interfaces.  Craig has experience with requirements gathering, and can help define a client’s needs to extract the information necessary to produce the best product possible.

Stephen Hill


After attending Lakehead University for Computer Science, Stephen is experienced in both programming and advanced mathematics research. After working with various programming languages he realized his passion was with the web. He has developed projects with php and mysql and is skilled with WordPress.

James Brownlee


James studied in the Computer Science program at Lakehead University. James specializes in connecting databases to usable interfaces, and is skilled in navigating server-side development. He also worked on programming the backlight system for the BlackBerry 10 operating system.